Recycling Centre

Recycling Plant and Offices

Location: Macclesfield
Sector: Commercial
Solution: Wireless lighting and Dali control system
Design – Specification – Supply – Commission

A large-scale manufacturing facility in the heart of Macclesfield, which manufacture, pack and distribute medicines to the global market.


Since 2020 Ai Lighting and Controls Ltd have consulted, designed and supplied Lighting & control services to support the companies ambitious zero carbon strategy to eliminate emissions by 2025.


Ai Lighting completed a site survey to accurately assess the potential for energy and carbon savings.  We were appointed to design and supply an LED wireless lighting and controls package to achieve the site wide ‘Zero Carbon Strategy’.

Our design included several improvements such as removing reduced luminaire locations, improved lux levels and compliant emergency layout.  Ai Lighting accurately estimated their original calculations and have exceeded the energy estimates for energy and carbon savings.

This has been achieved through the commissioning and monitoring of the occupancy and daylight harvesting via the online Ai Portal.


Kwh Savings Per annum:

CO2e Tonnes Saved Per Annum:

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