Mill Court

Multi-functional Gateway Building

Location: Macclesfield
Sector: Pharmaceutical
Solution: Wireless lighting and Dali control – 110v central battery emergency
Design – Specification – Custom Design – Supply – Commission

Ai Lighting have played a key role in the contribution to the client’s zero carbon strategy across the whole campus.  A complex and challenging project with various custom designed luminaires manufactured using our circular economy philosophy which left the client with a fully maintainable lighting & control system.


This multifunctional flagship building functions as a gateway entrance to a campus, the mixed-use building compromises of office areas, collaboration zones, lecture atrium, dining & amenity areas and conferencing suites.


A combination of standard and custom design luminaries were required to complete the project.  Using our specified OEM partner, we designed and manufactured a range of bespoke luminaires that were quick and simple to install utilising the existing luminaire frames to prevent any additional civil works.

Wireless Dali control was implemented throughout the entire project to maximise efficiency with all luminaires being manufactured under the Ai-Circular economy incitive to provide the client with a fully maintainable lighting & control system.

Kwh Savings Per annum: 203,921

CO2e Tonnes Saved Per Annum: 47.59

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