Lean Learning

Collaborative Learning Facility

Location: Macclesfield
Sector: Pharmaceutical
Solution: Wireless lighting and Dali control – 110v central battery emergency
Design – Specification – Supply – Commission

Ai Lighting have played a key role in the contribution to the client’s zero carbon strategy across the whole campus. 

This was a complex and challenging project with various custom designed luminaires manufactured using our circular economy philosophy, which left the client with a fully maintainable lighting & control system.


A lean Learning facility designed to encourage collaboration and team work provided our design team with an ethos that would be replicated within our luminaire selection, a track lighting system was designed to replicate the linear features within the flooring with LUG TLON luminaires providing focus lighting to the colab zones.


Working alongside the clients design team we were able to seamlessly integrate our lighting into their vision for the collaborative work space resulting in a cohesive environment that echoed the nature of the project.

Wireless Dali control was implemented throughout the entire project to maximise efficiency.

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