Aldford Laboratory

Large Scale Laboratory

Location: Macclesfield
Sector: Pharmaceutical
Solution: Integrated wirelss Dali control – 230v central battery emergency
Design – Specification – Custom Design – Supply – Commission

The lighting upgrade project involved the incorporation of a 230v central battery system into the general cleanroom lighting, with full energy monitoring and intelligent controls to replace a defunct Dali control system.


The project provided the opportunity to develop and produce our first fully integrated wireless cleanroom luminaire.  We also engaged our circular economy initiative to repurpose the body of certain luminaires and provide the client with a lighting system that can be fully maintained during its life cycle.


Our cleanroom solution was adapted to suit the existing Armstrong ceiling within the laboratory areas, our wireless technology enabled the luminaires be removed from the defunct Dali system without the need of installing and new infrastructure and minimising the impact of what was an operational workspace.

A combination of standard wireless luminaires and repurposing completed the project, with all emergency luminaires integrated into the 230v central battery system.

Commissioning of the wireless system ensured that the building operated efficiently and delivered a saving of 94.80% whilst significantly improving the working environment.


Kwh Savings Per annum:

CO2e Tonnes Saved Per Annum:

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